Open letter to Manchin

You will soon have the responsibility to vote on whether to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Associate Justice. I expect you will take this duty seriously and will do the right thing. The right thing starts with NOT listening to some of your Democrat colleagues such as Senators Durbin and Warren who claim Judge Kavanaugh will take us back to the stone age. We all know that even they don’t believe that but, like President Trump often unfortunately does, they are making absurd statements (with the assistance of some media outlets) to terrify and pander to their low information base. Needless to say most WV voters, Democrat and Republican alike, are not that stupid.

Please review carefully the judicial history and writings of Judge Kavanaugh. My guess is that you will find things here and there among his writings, opinions and rulings with which you or I will disagree. That is not the standard to affirm or deny confirmation. The standard is to determine if Judge Kavanaugh is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court and will uphold the Constitution and his or her Constitutional responsibilities. My guess is the answer to that will be yes — I expect he is as qualified as the person he is replacing and the eight other currently serving Supreme Court Justices. I hope that is what you find and that you will vote to confirm.

It is unfortunate that the separation of powers in our Constitution is being consistently eroded by Congress ceding their power to make laws to the president and to the Supreme Court. Hopefully the Senate and House will start to take back their power and not hope to get a president who can legislate by Executive Order or a Supreme Court that is allowed to legislate from the bench.

Charles Carroll