Democrat attacks on the Constitution

Communists, liberals, progressives, Marxists and today’s Democrat Party are fundamentally collections of anti-American and anti-Constitution revolutionaries. Today’s Democrat Party is not your father’s party. The vilest elements of the far left hijacked the party and bear no resemblance to that of JFK.

The Constitution is the strong foundation upon which this nation was conceived and founded. Primarily, the founders sought to limit the magnitude and power of government, and expressly define the people’s rights and government’s limitations. Colonists suffered unbearable hardships and tyranny under the English crown and understood what evil, unrestrained men could do to defenseless citizens.

From the beginning of our nation men conspired to expand government power and terminate the God-given rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Battered and bruised, this precious document and our Bill of Rights bleed from over two hundred years of attacks and attempts by wicked men to throttle liberty. Communists and Nazis of America in the mid-Twentieth century knew if the nation kept faith with the guiding principles and laws of the nation the people would not succumb to their tyranny. Consequently, they organized their propaganda machines around the simple concept of destroying the Constitution.

The Democrat Party is the latest and greatest threat to our freedom. They are against everything for which traditional and constitutional Americans stand. Tragically, their goal is the same as their hero, Barack Obama; fundamentally changing America into a Marxist/communist state. To accomplish this, they must destroy or delegitimize the Constitution and founders.

After Barack Obama’s infamous quote of his intentions and goals of his presidency to, “Fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” he assembled his coalition of Communists, Marxists and radical terrorists. Having taught Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to college students, this glorified community organizer used Alinsky’s rules and his race to quell criticism and opposition. Democrats learned that repeated claims of racism send dissenters scurrying for cover into a Democrat-designed political box of silent, inactive dissidents.

Watching, reading and listening to the policies, practices, tactics and actions of today’s Democrat leaders reveal everything one must know about the new Socialist Democrat Party. Are they conforming to the original intent of the Constitution? Is this group seeking and promoting freedom, or simply advancing oppression? Compare your ideals, faith and convictions with those of Obama, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer and other radical Democrats.

Electing Joe Manchin or any other state or federal Democrat increases the power base for oppressive, unconstitutional Democrat policies.

Jim Mullen



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