A concerned citizen

The Capital Gazette, in Annapolis, Md., came under attack by a cowardly killer on Thursday, June 28. After shooting and killing five and wounding two, he hid under a desk.

That newspaper will forever be haunted by the horror of witnessing their own colleagues they have known for years get gunned down for no reason other than a lawsuit that was filed by the killer and got thrown out.

As a citizen of this town, I am concerned for the safety of those businesses that could also be vulnerable to similar attacks such as the one that happened in Annapolis.

Parkersburg City Council and the mayor should get a plan in place in an event there is a similar attack.

Training of law enforcement and other first responders should be a top priority now so that if and when there is an active shooter (I pray there will not be), first responders can take action.

Christine Dodd



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