A contract with the people

The State of the Union address coupled with the weaponizing of the political system exposed the Democrats for what they are and their disdain for the county. Without doubt the Republic is at risk.

Trump clearly out maneuvered and exposed the liberal/Progressive establishment, first single-handedly, now with many Republicans joining. Nothing beats following principles with unfettered determination.

Trump’s SOTU address clearly annunciated his principles (Conservative ones long forgotten). They include: national sovereignty; a Constitution as written (originalists); control of our borders; respect for the nation — standing when the national anthem is played; immigration policy based on merit, not the current “cheap labor (Republican), more voters (Democrats);” equal opportunity for all, not equal outcomes; belief in God; rule of law; smaller government; wealth creation, not wealth redistribution; more.

The reaction and the look on the faces of the Democrats as Trump delivered his message said it all. What mug shots — great photos for “Most Wanted Posters for Swamp Dwellers.” For completeness one cannot exclude many RINOs who escaped exposure by virtue of sitting in the wrong aisle Time for the GOP to be what it has long advertised to be. It is good to see the beginnings of a necessary shift and extremely gratifying to see Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnell’s smiling faces and hear their claims that the House is more united today than ever before and that the GOP is moving clearly to the right. Principle based performance works.

Today’s challenge deals with incumbents and those seeking election. It is time to demand annunciation of their principles in clear concise language — perhaps a written “Contract with the People” that includes: understanding of the Constitution and the intent of the Founders; interpretation of the General Welfare clause — and specific Welfare like addressing narrow social issues, earmarks; immigration policy in its totality — borders, numbers, financial support, assimilation; position on smaller government (including downsizing/elimination of existing government functions and programs — e.g. Tillerson at State, Pruitt at EPA, Perry at Energy, Shulkin at VA; patriotism; acceptance of capitalist economy, its pros and cons; position on current welfare programs; fiscal responsibility; understanding of education issues (K-Higher); how the voters’ (who contribute little to the campaign) interests will be served compared to the donors who contribute most to the campaign but do not produce the votes.

The coming election will be extremely critical, an inflection point in the nation’s future trajectory. All must engage and demand clarity of position and accountability. Trump has defined the parameters, time to implement. Keep in mind that the salary is $174K with great benefits (Senator and House Member) — for that we deserve the best.

Augie Pitrolo

Washington, W.Va.


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