‘Tax cut’ criminal

‘Tis the season for tradition — family, church, and helping the less fortunate. Sadly, the GOP is also following its tradition of “sticking it” to most Americans. As of this writing, the GOP tax plan to benefit the middle class (a) is mostly for the rich, (b) benefits some, not all, in the middle class and is temporary — but not so for the wealthy (c) takes health insurance away from about 13 million (d) will not begin to pay for itself. This was proven by Reagan’s trickle down economics and confirmed by Bush 41 when he so adamantly stated “Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES.” He raised taxes. Had to because Reagan’s foolish prediction never materialized, and the GOP/Bozo prediction won’t either. This tax cut (wink, wink) is opposed by most (60-74 percent, depending on the poll) Americans including many who will benefit, albeit only briefly. Unbelievable !

If lowering the business tax to 20 percent makes business more competitive, why not lower it to zero (no, I’m not a business owner). Consumers ultimately pay the tax anyway. Think of all the “finagglin’,” “loop-hole searching,” etc. it would save and all the IRS agent time it would free up allowing them to pursue (Bozo alert!) money laundering through Deutsch Bank.

To the GOP, ballooning the deficit is a goal, not an unfortunate consequence. Down the road, with a rapidly growing deficit, steps will have to be taken. If the GOP is in control (highly unlikely) it will mean raising taxes or cutting SS and Medicare. The latter option is on Paul Ryan’s bucket list right now. With Dems in control these two beloved programs will remain intact. Swiss bank accounts and stashing cash in the Caymans to avoid taxes would be a much better initial target.

The extent to how low the GOP is willing to stoop to reward their wealthy contributors (including Bozo and Sen. Corker) while totally ignoring America’s most pressing need of infrastructure revamping (truly creating thousands of jobs) is nothing short of criminal.

Don C. Lowe