Republicans lack charter

Dr. Sturm’s op-ed Dec. 10 exposes the GOP facade. It is more evident day by day that the GOP is an empty suit. Nothing changes when they are in control — government grows, no fiscal discipline, open borders prevail, unfettered immigration, acceptance of globalism, destruction of the middle class, more. Their failure traces to the absence of a charter.

In 2009 The Conservative Activist proposed a charter for the GOP, principle based, fully integrated with the Constitution (a must read). Its Preamble: “It bears mentioning that any party that lacks a charter defining principles is inherently unprincipled; if it does not define itself of these things for which it stands; it is free to morph over time into something diametrically opposed to what it was at its inception. This implies party leaders of all stripes are less interested in adhering to an ideological principle and more interested in acquiring or maintaining power. This is anathema to a free people.”

The Activist Charter illustrates the close coupling with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” with the Constitution. The resistance to Trump by both parties and the media derives from the upset of the status quo and the exposure of a huge swamp. Imagine having to live by the Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution? The GOP has morphed to a supporter of liberal ideology — the parties are indistinguishable except at the margins. Trump’s agenda is anathema for most politicians whose real interest is, “what’s best for me — the acquiring and maintaining power.”

In the quest for power, far too many of the elected enter into a Faustian Bargain with their donors with special interests establishing a “Pay for Play” enterprise. The donations fund the campaign so the candidate can entice the voter — can’t get elected without the vote of the common folk. The wooing produces catchy phrases (jobs, am fighting for you), states what the candidate is against (never anything for). Once elected or re-elected, the candidate and the donors become a seamless entity jointly scripting legislation and assuring votes on legislation that are in the best interest of the donor. To appease the voter, the elected promotes grants and entitlements. Little by little Government continues its growth — the antithesis of the Constitution and Conservative principles.

2018 will be a decisive year for the nation and for Conservatives. Question, will history repeat or will voters demand accountability of past actions and obtain guarantees for full support of the Trump agenda and the Constitution? Party or individual? Until the GOP cleans up its act, the choice must be individual.

Augie Pitrolo

Washington, W.Va.