Change is coming

Do you hear the thunder, Congressman McKinley and Senator Capito? It began rolling in from Virginia and Delaware and most recently from Alabama, each occurrence a little louder, the skies ominously a little darker, and the winds blowing harder. It’s a mid-term gully-washer brewing, which next November will carry away Republican control of the House and Senate, drowning the Trump-loving toadies in those houses who are up for re-election. It may be the greatest house cleaning in the history of mid-term elections because never has such an overwhelming majority of Americans been so disgusted with the leadership residing in Washington.

Yet, unmindful of the portending deluge, you and fellow Republicans have arrogantly rushed to stuff down the people’s gullet a tax give-away to the rich, which will create a trillion-dollar deficit, a deficit you are then planning to eliminate by gutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. You did this with the unmitigated gall of calling it a “middle class” tax cut. You must think us exceedingly stupid or else blithely believe that King Trump, supported by only 32 percent of the people, is going to help you keep your job. He’ll help you like he helped Roy Moore.

Maybe you just don’t care, figuring you’ll shaft the middle class and then go on to a cushy private sector job, secure in the knowledge we won’t be able to undo what you’ve done. But, these are crazy, Trumpian times and just as his election was a ghastly, unexpected aberration of the American political process, his political demise and a reversal of all that he has wrought (truthfully, very little), though improbable is increasingly foreseeable.

Consider this scenario: A Democrat House impeaches both him and Pence (who probably is also guilty of conspiracy); enough Republican senators, viewing the two as toxic and fearing the 2020 election, join the Democrat majority and vote to convict; the Speaker of the House, a Democrat (maybe Pelosi!) becomes President. Bye-bye Trumplandia and all the madness. Hello, Bernie’s Medicare-for-all.

If you want to continue feeding at the public trough, try explaining how this is a “middle class” tax bill when it gives an obscene $11 million a year break to Trump (Forbes article) but only $400 ($0 after 2025) to a single person making $35,000, all while driving 13 million middle class people off health insurance? Be honest (if possible). This is just a mean tax bill.

Patrick Radcliff