Cartoon supports fraud

In the Dec. 17 Comics section of the paper, G.B. Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” featured a Crow, as in “Jim Crow,” talking to some “white guy.” Mr. Trudeau apparently considers the practice of requiring voter identification a “Jim Crow effort,” to make sure only certain people are allowed to vote.

In Alabama, more than five thousand votes were allegedly cast by “dead people.” People posed as the dead voters, using the identity of the dead. Mr. Jones’ supporters stated on camera, “People came from all over the country to vote for Mr. Jones.” How many of those people were not even American citizens?

West Virginia voter registry rolls are being purged. Our state shouldn’t be the only one purging the names of the dead from voter registration rolls. Positive pictorial identification should be a requirement nationwide.

Mr. Trudeau calls it “Jim Crowism” when poll workers require proper identification of the voter. There is good reason for doing so. Again, how many “dead folks” voted in Alabama? Positive pictorial voter identification should be required here in West Virginia. We should be on the cutting edge of reform. We have been the butt of jokes for too long. Think of Mingo County.

“Dead people,” residents of Mississippi, or other states were allegedly bussed in. Those non-residents of Alabama, and non-citizens should never have voted in Alabama. It should never happen in any other state. Fraud is criminal activity. Mr. Trudeau is obviously against election officials requiring valid identification of the voter. Evidently he supports voter fraud.

Joseph C. Duckworth