The market will be your kids

It’s been a called a gateway drug by some. Others claim it’s the only treatment that works. And now a West Virginia lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana.

I fully understand the importance of properly medicating people for disease. However, this is not about medicine, This is the selfish agenda of our elected officials to increase the state’s tax base by making drugs socially acceptable.

You are fooling yourselves if you think legalizing drugs is not going to be extremely detrimental to your children. The market will be your children. And their blood will be on your hands. Just as kids get into their parents’ liquor cabinet or beer in the fridge, kids will sneak into parents’ pot stash. By affixing the government stamp of approval the number of people who have drug problems will only increase. It cannot be legalized and kept out of the hands of children. The proof is this. Tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs.

One of the rationales for legalizing marijuana is we’ve lost the war against drugs. So why keep it up? The war against poverty has also been lost, however nobody is suggesting we stop trying. Our state legislature will fail to consider that more people will become addicted by legalizing pot either for medicinal or recreational use.

Remember this: our legislature failed to consider the full impact with the legalization of gambling. And, once again, our elected officials primary agenda for legalizing weed will be to regulate and tax it, in order to stay in the black, and that’s exactly what this effort is about raising state revenue.

What will be the total additional cost to implement a new regulatory structure? What will be the total cost to public health and safety initiatives, human services responsibilities, and potential law enforcement needs.

The decision to legalize marijuana is not the culmination of some moral evolution, but rather a simple money grab. Those states that have legalized marijuana will soon realize that envisioned cash cow will prove not to be profitable.

Keep this in mind the NIH, FDA and DEA, all have published reports showing the addictive nature of marijuana.

Robert Ware