Rockefeller aide to the rescue

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to St. Maarten. However, the trip would not have been possible without the assistance of a gentleman by the name of Wes Holden in the Charleston offices of Sen. Jay Rockefeller.

My wife and I were in a hotel in Akron, ready to board a plane at 6:30 the next morning when she discovered that her passport was nowhere to be found. After a trip back to Vienna and an unfruitful search, the missing passport was still missing. Next morning, after canceling our pre-paid airline and hotel reservations, I made a call to Sen. Rockefeller’s office and Mr. Holden immediately went to work on our behalf. Within the hour he called and advised that he would be able to have a passport ready by noon the next day if we could get to Washington, D.C., and the State Department offices.

Mr. Holden wrote a letter to the State Department on our behalf and that was the only introduction we needed when arriving at the office the next morning. In fact, they were expecting us when we arrived due to several follow-up phone calls from Wes. After some paperwork, and, of course, payment of fees associated with the passport, we were on our way back to Akron for the flight to St. Maarten.

I cannot say thank you enough to Sen. Rockefeller for having such a thoughtful and compassionate person on his staff. Please consider a pay raise for him, he deserves it.

Richard L. Smith