Obama’s allies on gun control

Since his re-election, Obama has pushed for stricter gun control laws. The news media has thoroughly covered Obama’s call for a reinstatement of the “failed assault weapons” ban, magazine capacity limits, tighter background checks, etc. However, the greatest threat to our Second Amendment rights ever, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (A.T.T.) was, totally, ignored by all the news media, except for Fox.

First, the A.T.T., if ratified, would supercede our Constitution and forever render our Second Amendment “null and void.” The A.T.T. fails to mention, let alone recognize, our Second Amendment, and is written so vaguely that it is subject to however strict an interpretation the UN deems fit. In short, the A.T.T. grants the UN the authority to require a global registry of gun owners and, eventually, confiscation of all privately owned firearms with only police and military being allowed to possess firearms.

Despite these facts, Obama claims the A.T.T. poses no threat to our Second Amendment. After recent Obamacare revelations, we now know how truthful Obama has been with the American people.

In 2006, when the A.T.T. was first proposed, the Bush administration had a policy of non-support for any treaty in conflict with our Second Amendment, or, for that matter, any treaty in conflict with our Constitution due to the lack of U.S. support, the UN General Assembly put the proposed ban on hold.

In 2009, Obama reversed the Bush administration policy and pressed the UN to pass an A.T.T., despite strong opposition in the Senate, and by the American people.

The A.T.T. waits in the Senate where currently ratification is highly unlikely. However, Obama has stated that should the Senate fail to pass the A.T.T., he would implement it wholly, or at least in part, by signing an executive order. Obama claims that he has the constitutional authority to do so.

The Constitution grants Obama no executive authority to circumvent or amend laws passed by Congress, but Obama has done so repeatedly; 25 times thus far, and counting, Obama has delayed Obamacare mandates and deadlines by executive order. In our area, many power plants have closed and many area jobs lost as a result of Obama’s misuse of executive authority to declare a war against coal and fossil fuels.

Gun owners need to contact their senators and urge them not to ratify the A.T.T. or allow Obama to illegally implement the A.T.T. by executive decree.

Steve Wolverton