Making naughty kids good adults

Robert Ware, Ravenswood, wrote to say the legalization of marijuana comes with many perils. He says increased revenue from state regulation will not offset the deletrious effects that the evil weed will have on our citizens.

I disagree. None of the kids I knew who smoked during high school have turned to crime, prostitution, or heroin addiction. Decades later, many of them are upstanding citizens with professional credentials.

Most adults will continue to say “don’t smoke and don’t drink” to their kids. Kids will want to find out what it’s all about, and they will continue to smoke and drink. Patients with debilitating diseases will continue to find distraction, if not relief, from their agonies by consuming marijuana.

If it leads to the licensing of methadone clinics and whorehouses and shooting galleries for addicts, so much the better. There will always be more of us who enjoy a life of moderation and heads not befuddled by intoxicants. Our concerns should not be what naughty kids do but how to make naughty kids into good adults.

Dirk Neyhart

Berkeley, Calif.