Little desire to enforce the laws

I attended a recent Vienna City Council meeting where Delegates Azinger and Ellem explained their support for the law to require a prescription for any pseudoephedrine product.

I submitted to the council, both delegates, and the public at the meeting a different law. In my suggestion, I asked why it could not simply state that “any company wishing to sell in the state of West Virginia cannot use any of the following ingredients.” A list could then be entered via a protocol, or even as part of the law of any unacceptable items no matter the end product. This list could be updated every six months or as needed.

Very simple and not a burden to those who can least afford the extra expense for the doctor’s fee or the prescription co-pay. Of course it did not get mentioned by the media in attendance; not acceptable by those who will not be burdened or have the political will to get it passed in Charleston.

It was said that in the Senate, some voted it down last time due to contributions and lobbyist pressure. Simple, any legislator who could not support such a simple law should be clearly identified and why. This would be a good campaign point for an opponent in the next race. In today’s paper also was noted an expected budget shortfall of $42 million and how to make it up. I submit and can prove that much of this could be made up if the state, county and city governments did their jobs to collect what is owed in taxes rather than look for new ones.

I have shown the governor, county tax assessor and the city of Vienna numerous areas where in this area alone many do not pay as they should. We have all seen the neighbor with his car sporting Ohio license plates; some with dogs and no tags (either dog or rabies), state income returns and so on. I even entered into the program set up two years ago by the Wood County Tax Assessor to get these scofflaws; yet, when I presented over a dozen cars, numerous dogs and so on to him, he was not up to enforcing state/ county laws. These vehicles, three cycles are still not licensed in West Virginia.

The truth is a lot of talk at the various levels of government and little desire to enforce the laws.

Lawrence Wilson