Irresponsibility of Obamacare

I found the article on mandatory insurance for West Virginia University students troubling from the article headline on.

A student named Tyler DeAntonis was used as an example in the beginning of the article and some misleading information was presented almost immediately. It is stated that the student uses hazardous equipment at the food service establishment he works at and would not be covered if he were to fall victim to an industrial accident there.

This seems to be misleading as employers are required to maintain workers compensation insurance coverage to provide for employees injured on the job, which would cover the student were he to become injured while working. One of the first things and private insurance provider will ask a claimant in a injury situation is if injury happened as a result of employment or an automobile accident which is to release the health insurance provider from paying for the claim as it is the liability and responsibility of another party.

The article also states that he acquired an injury while playing lacrosse that required a costly hospital visit to treat. While it is perfectly fine for any student or any citizen to participate in whatever sport or activity they desire it should also be their responsibility to consider the possible ramifications of injuries and costs associated with those activities. If one is a struggling college student it would be in one’s best interest to focus on their academic success and not jeopardize their academic goals or future financial situation by taking unnecessary hazardous risks that could bring such consequences. There have been accident policies that are designed to cover such incidences.

Many young people attend school for an academic education at great financial burden. Many barely get by taking care of themselves and paying for the cost of the education with what resources they can muster. Adding an additional mandatory cost that could well push that envelope to make education financially out of reach for some or many students is unreasonable and irresponsible.

It would be a good thing if college students were able to procure insurance for unseen illnesses and accidents. That should not be forced upon anyone nor should it be another burden in a very costly

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, continues to prove its irresponsibility and destructive government over involvement in citizen’s personal lives.

Rusty Price

Malta, Ohio