Humanity at its finest

Most of the time, our news is inundated with stories of violence and human indecency. So, it is a pleasant change to relate a story of humanity at it finest. After a recent shopping trip to the mall, I discovered I had lost my cell phone. I was beside myself. As my husband and I started what I believed would be a futile store to store search, I felt our chances of recovering it was minimal.

With little hope, we inquired at the service desk to see if anyone had turned in a white iPhone with a lavender case. The ladies happily exclaimed, “It was turned in about an hour ago!”

It was a reminder that there are still honest, decent, and good-hearted people out there. To the person who turned my phone in, I say, “Thank you, and may God richly bless you!”

Kathy Sargent

Layman, Ohio