Gun range study is important

I have been following the news reports of concerns with two local gun ranges and recognize that there must be some fire under all the smoke that has recently arisen. An advisory committee has now been appointed by the county commission and charged with the responsibility to provide recommendations to the county commission as how to proceed with a very complicated issue – the possibility of regulating private and public gun ranges in Wood county.

It important to recognize that everyone in the county has a very real stake in this issue. Second Amendment believer or not for perhaps less than the obvious safety reasons.

I confess my own personal “bias” towards gun ownership, as well as, each individual’s responsibility to become proficient in the “safe use” and handling of same. A gun range seems to be the rightful and logical place for that specific purpose. Without that opportunity, or to unnecessarily restrict access to that opportunity might well leave hundreds, if not thousands of entry level armed citizens, somewhere less than capable of handling firearms, concealed carry or otherwise. That potential scenario should of major concern to everyone.

The county commission does have an obligation to address public safety issues. I commend the county commission for the appointments that have been made to that advisory committee in that it seems to assure that the interests of all concerned, including the safety of the public at large, will be taken into consideration. The makeup of the appointments indeed demonstrates a “bias” towards the public safety at large.

The advisory committee and the county commission will be navigating through uncharted West Virginia waters, since no other county in the state has taken such measures. It would bode well for the general public to stay tuned in on this, as well as the “biased.”

Charles A. Murray