Fundraising event isn’t cruel

After reading a recent complaint concerning a donkey basketball game, I would like to provide my own experience on the use of donkeys. Not only are these are not mistreated at these games, but often are treated better in this environment than if they worked in a field for a farmer. In this environment they would be worked daily, often whipped and beaten into submission by their owners.

When I was younger I attended a donkey basketball game a Mineral Wells Elementary, not only did I enjoy myself, but also enjoyed the atmosphere that was provided. I can say with 100 percent confidence that the animals are not mistreated in any way and they are used in ethical manners.

The people who do not like these events are probably the same folks that do not want your child to pray in school and would rather strip you and every other American citizen of their Second Amendment right.

This event is to raise money for a non profit organization the helps local kids learn a great game, and is also a great environment for families as well. We say that most of these kids do not get enough exposure to the outdoors, this gets them out of the house and participating in an organization the wants the kids to succeed.

If the Board of Education does something to alter this even, it will only affect the hundreds of kids that participate in the associations events through out the summer months.

Matt Vannoy

Mineral Wells