Fort Boreman range isn’t safe

In response to the letters to the editor, I am William McDonald. I did not just move in to the home next to the range; I purchased the home and property. I also knew there was a range.

Noise was not the issue, safety is. People drinking while firing is. Federal mandates of 500 feet from a dwelling is. So before you cast your thoughts into the fray, come sit on my porch and see how far the firing points and impact areas are from my sleeping quarters.

First and foremost, safety is the key word. And as you do not live here it’s really none of your concern unless of course you are part of the gun club. Other surrounding neighbors also signed a petition I originated, so I guess they’re bad guys, too. These people lived in West Virginia all their lives, I might add. Who cares how long a range has been here, if it’s safe no problem. If not, it has got to go or make repairs to bring it up to current safety standards as mandated by the federal, state and county governments and zoning boards.

As a former military man and New Jersey state law enforcement officer who has shot since I was 17 years old, I can assure you this range is not in compliance with any safety standards. Its berm does not meet federal standards, the place is run down and unsafe. If it were a safe range, I’m sure local police would be utilizing it to qualify annually.

Get your facts straight before you comment on New Jersey. Where I hail from should be of no matter to the issue at hand. A safe firing range is the issue, not where the complaining party hails from.

All I want is the gun range to not fire so close to the neighbors and my home. They own a lot of land and can re-figure the firing lines and impact areas away from the housing.

William G. McDonald Jr.