Fort Boreman range is safe

I’ve been reading all the comments about the gun ranges and safety concerns with these ranges. Safety is a top priority that does need addressed, but when someone takes advantage of a situation and uses it to advance his personal agenda, it goes too far.

Like Mr. McDonald, I, too, served in the military and now I’m retired Army. Mr. McDonald, who purchased a home next to a gun range, now wants to complain about it only because of the Sundowner Gun range issue. I lived in the area around Fort Boreman Range for many years, and also was, and still am, a member at the range. I have shot at many ranges and it’s been true that at some I did not feel safe, but this is not the case at Fort Boreman. The range is well kept, very safe and follows posted rules.

The range sits between two large hill sides and hillside in the back. The residences that are around the range are built as you enter the access road to the range, and are not in the direction of fire. Unlike Mr. McDonald’s New Jersey heritage, ours in West Virginia is connected to the right to keep and bear arms and we take pride in that right. This includes safety.

Steve Sapio