Expect noise at a gun range

I have never written a letter to the editor, but I feel I now must express my opinion on the Fort Boreman Rifle Range. First off, I am a past member. I wonder what Mr. McDonald was thinking when he moved in next to a gun range. Maybe that there would not be shooting? If gun fire is going to bother a person. Don’t move in next to a gun range and then expect them to not shoot.

There are not many gun ranges around anymore. This range has been around for several years, and to my knowledge has not had any safety issues. It is a private, members-only range. Members have to have a safety course before joining. They have a limit on the amount of members in the club. This range has a caretaker. It is well maintained. There will be times, like hunting season, that there will be more shooting. Some of those hunting rifles can be pretty loud. I know that the range has hours of operation. Why can’t you shoot on a holiday? Some of the members are shift workers and retired individuals so they will be shooting during the day hours when others are at work. Others work regular hours so they will be shooting in the evenings and weekends.

Persons with CWPs need to practice. It’s a safety issue for all that those with CWPs be able to shoot straight and be able to safely handle a firearm. I just wonder if Mr. McDonald thought about this before moving in next to a gun range? Please understand that those of us that like to shoot and keep our skills up need a place like this to shoot. We are not trying to make his life miserable. But when he moved in, he had to know that there would be noise from the range. And why did he feel the need to judge what firearms we are allowed to shoot. This is not New Jersey.

Christopher Baker

Washington, W.Va.