Drugs addicts on bail a danger

When a criminal offense is committed, the Constitution entitles the accused to bond, based on the principle that one is innocent until proven guilty. Having said that, we really need to work on this process.

I can tell you that most accused who get out on bond seem to be in a downward spiral in life. An alarming number are on drugs when released into the community. So we effectively have angry, desperate drug addicts walking amongst us, with a nothing-to-lose attitude.

I have a family member who fits right into this category, and we all felt she should be held until it was clear she was off drugs, but that was a joke to the money-hungry bondsman that profit from the misfortune of others. She is not the only one either – we know of many others, some even on parole. Heroin, needles and any other thing they can get.

Maybe we should make sure we know who we’re letting loose before we turn them loose. In the federal system, part of being released on bond is that the accused must report for random urinalysis. Wow, that makes perfect sense instead of our current way, which creates more crimes, victims and cost a heck of a lot more money (that we pay for with our hard work) than having a system that is regulatory in nature.

Beware, the drug problem in the valley is getting a lot worse, putting drug addicts back out on the streets without treatment surely plays a large role.

Carl LaFong



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