Don’t play the ballpark hand

What in the world is on Mayor Newell thinking. Trying to get a ballpark here in Parkersburg. If Mayor Newell would think back a few years ago we had the Parkersburg Red Coats here in Parkersburg, and where did they go?

Yes you guessed right; they got out of Parkersburg. So why does Mayor Newell think that the Ball Park is going to do Parkersburg wonders. Let’s bring something into Parkersburg to draw people here and bring jobs to the Parkersburg area. What about a civic center or a amusement park.

Mayor Newell said the ball park would be used for other things besides playing ball. They would use it for concerts, too. But if they’re playing ball in the summer most likely, what kind of concerts are you going to have when it gets cold after the ball games are all over?

That’s why you need to stop and think before you jump into something that, yeah, that was nice when it was first brought here and then what happens? Like everything else, it closes up and moves away.

So if we have a civic center it will be enclosed and you can have concerts, monster trucks, WWE wrestling and much, much more. But if we have the ballpark, well its limited to how many can use the facility.

So, now is the time to sit at the table and look at your cards and see if you want to go all in or fold and sit back and wait on another hand that will be a whole lot better for Parkersburg. Just ask around and let others see your hand to see if you need to stay or fold.

I say fold and get the next hand to better Parkersburg.

John McIntyre