Ditch the ballpark idea

I am writing this letter especially to all area taxpayers regarding the proposed stadium/ballpark. This will interest everyone who pays income taxes, too.

Why this rush to fruition on a 20- or 25-year commitment of tax dollars to a consortium of hustlers trying to milk the kindness from us all? I shall say it brutal like it is – there is a 50 day or night usage by wannabes, has-beens, never-will-be ballplayers and coaches. What is left is 315 days bleeding our tax dollars needed for schools, streets, sewers, etc. If you haven’t noticed the increases on your sewer and water bills, electric and cable, plus pension fund and salary increases for selected city employees then you have been asleep.

Let’s ditch this idea once and for all now. Let our city fathers spend our loose change that appears out of nowhere for far in the future for our kids and families instead of a stadium/ballpark. A minor league team has been tried twice in this area and has twice failed.

You will hear that this stadium/ballpark will not cost the taxpayer anything. Since the bonds have been paid have you stopped paying this tax? Where’s your share of this money? It may only be $10 or so per household and business per month, but when you consider that reasonably there could be 30,000 payees, this is $300,000 per month that the city is holding in a fund not earmarked for anything except what they want do with it. If it were only $10, I wouldn’t care, but it is likely $300,000 which is a lot of loose change that could be spent for big projects that Parkersburg really needs – revitalization of downtown, before- and after-school programs for kids – instead of a stadium/ballpark which is for a restricted or select few.

Eugene A. DiClemente