Critic should find a new home

This is in response to Mr. McDonald complaining about the Fort Boreman shooting range which I am a member of. I am also a retired Natural Resources police officer, so I know a little about firearms and range safety. For starters his home is behind all the firing lines, not in front of them or even off to the side. Not only did he know there was a range there when he purchased the property, he got a lower price because of it.

Until the caretaker put up a fence, his animals would wander onto the range since apparently he didn’t see the need to keep them on his own property. And then he complained to the caretaker about him putting up the fence.

Also as soon as he said that he didn’t feel that we “needed” certain firearms it was very obvious where he is coming from. Law enforcement in New Jersey is taught from the beginning of their career to be hostile to firearms and their owners. He came here from a state with a high crime rate and very restrictive firearms laws to a state with a very low crime rate and respect for the Second Amendment.

If, as he claims, people are drinking at the range, a knock on the care takers door or a call to 911 is all it would take. In all the years I have belonged the club I have never once seen evidence of anyone drinking there. No bottles, cans or anything else.

If Mr. McDonald doesn’t like how we do things here maybe he can find a place to live where he would be more comfortable. New Jersey comes to mind.

Steven Minardi