Change equals opportunity

The year 2014 will see a lot of political change around West Virginia. The failed policies of the Obama administration in Washington D.C., combined with the support of those policies by their political allies here in West Virginia make the Democratic party unpopular with the citizens of our state. This will surely give rise to change and it is a fact that opportunity follows change. I am writing this letter to outline some of the opportunities that I feel will be coming in 2014 and to urge you to get involved.

The first opportunity that will come about will be a great chance to elect a United States Senator. Shelly Capito has a great shot at becoming that senator. Shelly is a fiscal conservative that is by her very nature and beliefs both electable and good for West Virginia. There will be many opportunities to pitch in and help make a difference in this race. Please reach out to the campaign or your local Republican committee to help.

Next, here in Wood County the offices of county clerk , county commissioner , and delegate in the 10th district have potential like never before to realize a change in party. There are lots of opportunities for success in these races if a people would roll up their sleeves and push forward.

Another area to get involved is to run for the local executive committee. There are many vacant spots where a person ca help promote better government for our county. Please contact your local Republican chairman if you have a interest in being involved.

The West Virginia Republican Party is working hard to fill the ballot statewide and regain the majority in the West Virginia House of Delegates. They are pushing hard every day to turn the state from 70-plus years of rule by the Democratic Party and restore balance to government. They will be opening a Victory Headquarters in Wood County in conjunction with the local committee. Here again is a opportunity to get involved and help West Virginia go Republican.

We have a big tent with lots of opportunity. All you have to do is step forward be involved and say yes we can. I urge you to get involved in 2014 for the betterment of our state, county and nation.

Rocky Peck


EDITOR’S NOTE: Rocky Peck is Vice Chairman of the West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee, and a Committeeman with the Wood County Republican Executive Committee, Union District.