America is all the voters

The zeal with which the News and Sentinel pushes its political agenda is matched only by the hypocrisy they employ to promote their views. In a recent opinion (Dec. 18) they express concern about the deaths of “dozens of eagles” from wind energy turbines and “damage to the environment.” For years this same paper has constantly denounced the EPA’s efforts to protect citizens and our environment.

While the News and Sentinel seems to regard wind and solar energy with disdain, these energy sources are being aggressively pursued around the globe. Taxpayers in this country have been subsidizing highly profitable fossil fuels and the nuclear energy for well over 50 years, yet the News denounces green energy subsidies.

The last line of their editorial is perhaps the most interesting – “Obviously it is time for American voters to take back our Congress – and our country.” Since American voters elected the current Congress, who are we supposed to take Congress and our country back from? Does this mean voters who support politicians who do not embrace the newspaper’s agenda are less worthy?

America is all the voters, not just the ones who vote the way The Parkersburg News editors think they should vote.

Kim McMichael

Cutler, Ohio