The system isn’t to blame

This is in reply to “No help for Alzheimers’ patient.” The blame game stops here. Quit blaming a system for the choices people choose to make. Blaming others started in biblical times when Adam blamed the Lord by saying when he partook of the forbidden fruit, “It was the woman you gave me.”

I personally have dealt with the DHHR in regards to the same individual that Deborah Turrill is referring to. This man has neither been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or suffers from dementia. Yes, he is almost 80 years old. Yes, his trailer burnt twice. Yes, he showed up at someone’s house and that someone was an extended family member. Instead of the family member giving him a place to stay, they called the Wood County Sheriff’s Department to remove the “problem,” passing the buck.

This man suffers from the same things many homeless people suffer from in today’s society and people in general. Free will. The Lord sets before you life and death. The Lord even gives us the choice to choose and even tells us to choose life. People cannot be forced to make the right choices.

There is a parable in the Bible about the Prodigal Son who left and squandered everything to end up with the swine. This individual’s problem stems from years of addiction from drugs and alcohol to his current and most recent addiction of gambling. His so-called dementia is stubbornness, a violent temper that has landed him in and out of prison and jail since he was a young man up to an incident this past March. He has chosen to be this way.

The ending to the Prodigal Son is that his father welcomed him back home with open arms. The only open arms this individual has received has been the opened arms of my husband when he was dropped off by family members at my husband’s place of business.

Love and charity begin at home. Maybe if the mother of the son by this man, or the son he raised or even living siblings and extended family stopped passing the buck and worked together, something could be done.

Sandra R. Walker