Too many hanging out in alley

There seems to be a lot of people hanging out in the alley that belongs to the city of Parkersburg. At one time a person could go out in that alley, sit down, read, eat or just relax. But not anymore. Since the homeless and the work release programs started riding the buses now it’s scary even in broad daylight to go into the alley between the Dils Center and the bus terminal. I have noticed even the Blue Cross Blue Shield ladies don’t walk through there anymore.

Something needs to be done. I would think the police would check that alley.

Also under the railroad trestle on Sixth Street, cars park where signs say “no parking.” We very seldom see a police cruiser go up or down Sixth Street. People are getting by with too much. Police should check on the alley and Sixth Street trestle when possible.

Charles Wilson



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