Vaccinations: Get COVID shots for young children

Should you doubt the sense of urgency in West Virginia’s public officials for getting everyone who is eligible vaccinated against COVID-19, take a look at how ready Gov. Jim Justice and West Virginia Joint Interagency Task Force Director Jim Hoyer were for vaccinating children under 5, once federal officials gave the OK.

“We have been continually preparing for approval to occur for young people,” Hoyer said. “Pre-ordering has taken place for the 5 and under age group. We anticipate approximately 17,400 doses arriving in our state between June 20 and June 29.”

In being “ready to go,” as Justice put it, Mountain State officials gave parents a leg up in protecting not just their youngest, but everyone in the family. Here in West Virginia we know how important generational relationships are, and that grandparents and great-grandparents often end up spending a great deal of time with younger family members. Sometimes, they are primary guardians, or practically co-parenting in close-knit families.

“Vaccination continues to be the safest and most effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones,” Justice said, as state officials were anticipating federal decisions. “I continue to encourage everyone who is eligible to get their vaccine and to get their booster dose when the time comes.”

While pharmacies will receive approximately half of the ordered doses, Hoyer did issue a reminder.

“It’s important for parents and guardians to understand that pharmacies can offer vaccines for children ages 3 and older. For under age 3, parents, guardians, and caregivers need to reach out to pediatricians and local health departments,” he said.

State officials are on the ball, as they know how important it is to protect the whole population. Don’t miss the opportunity to help do so.


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