Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

DOWN: To the pathetically low voter turnout numbers for last week’s primary election –a miserable 22.7%. Fewer than one in four Mountain State residents cared enough about their communities, state and nation to take advantage of one of the many options available to make voting easy and accessible. No, they were content to let others decide their fate. We could live with the consequences of that apathy for years. In many ways there has been no more important time to exercise our privilege to vote in recent years. But more than 75% of the registered voting population must now sit back and be carried where the whim of not-even 23% of registered voters takes us.

UP: To the three Ohio Valley All Stars teams that competed at the Southeast Regional Summit in April and won its first regional summit championship. The Fireballz, Hot Shots and Mini Mermaids put in the work, and were rewarded. Congratulations!

UP: To the many local high school and college students who are graduating this month and moving on to the next chapter — whether that be academic or career — or maybe even a year of adventure. Remember what you have learned is just the tiniest beginning of what you will learn; and that you, yes YOU, can and will make a difference. Don’t let anyone convince you to throw away your ideals; be willing to listen and be taught; be kind, brave, smart and never content to remain on the sidelines. This is your time.


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