Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

DOWN: To those in the West Virginia Legislature who use the label “Republican,” yet work tirelessly to claw decision-making away from the local, individual or business level and toward Charleston (i.e. themselves). The latest example comes in the form of House Bill 4071, sponsored by lawmakers who call themselves Republicans, which seeks to take away the ability for school districts to make the decisions they believe will be best to keep their students, teachers and staff safe. HB 4071 would prohibit schools, educational institutions and elected or appointed officials from imposing mask mandates on students or school employees. It would prohibit mandatory testing for asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic students and staff. For goodness sake it would prohibit quarantines or isolation of those who have a POSITIVE test. It is, in short, insane. And an appalling attempt to snatch control away from those best equipped to make the decisions. Shame on those pretending this has anything to do with “rights.” It has everything to do with political control and should be shut down immediately.

UP: To road crews who have certainly done more than their share of work over the past week. From one weather wallop to another, they have tried to make sure there are safe ways for the rest of us to get where we need to be. We know it is dangerous but necessary work and are grateful there are so many willing to do it.

UP: To members of the West Virginia National Guard deployed to help hospitals such as WVU Medicine Camden Clark, where 12 non-clinical support staff and a clinical liaison are expected to arrive Wednesday. Our overburdened hospitals need all the help they can get. Thank goodness members of the West Virginia National Guard are willing to serve where ever and however they are needed.


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