Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

THUMBS UP: To Books-A-Million and their customers who donated more than $2,000 in books this year for Wood County Schools. “… We love doing this but … I do always want to emphasize, we’re just the conduit,” said Rosie Scott. “The community that comes in and shops our stores are the ones that donate these books. We’re just the little beggars that ask them to do it.” Scott may try to downplay that role, but we and the Wood County Schools students who will benefit, are grateful for it.


THUMBS UP: To the WVU Parkersburg students who installed sensory paths at Criss and Franklin elementary schools in Wood County. Members of the Kappa Delta Pi international honor society in education put together a series of guided movements for children to follow to help develop motor skills. “These sensory paths can increase the number of minutes that students are physically active during the school day,” said Stephanie Stopiak, WVU Parkersburg education instructor. “Sensory paths can also help students develop coordination skills and increase focus and attention.” What a wonderful addition to those two schools. Thank you, folks!


THUMBS UP: To Coplin Health Systems receiving a grant to enhance workplace wellness that will allow it to send an employee to a six-week training course with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That, in turn, will help them build a workplace wellness program that can be sustained for years — a boon to both the health system and the community at large.


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