Organ Donors: Register and make your wishes known

Aug. 1 was the Mountain State’s first official Organ Donor Day, an awareness effort spearheaded by the Center for Organ Recovery and Education. The reason for choosing such a date? It is a reminder of the 8 lives that can be saved by a single person’s decision to become an organ donor — 8/1.

Deciding is not the last step in the process, though. It is important to register to be an organ donor, and let your wishes be known. It is easy to register here in West Virginia. You can do it on your driver’s license, or even your hunting or fishing licenses. But easy registration hasn’t translated to large numbers of people taking advantage in the Mountain State. Only about a third of residents are registered as organ donors on their driver’s licenses. Meanwhile, there are approximately 500 West Virginians waiting for life-saving organ donation, according to Katelynn Metz, communications coordinator for CORE.

Those who want to save a life can also sign up at registerme.org/core.

“Be that hero for them. Not by being an organ donor per se, but by registering,” Metz said, according to another media outlet.

Many potential donors have questions before they make the decision to register. The answers to many of those questions can be found through resources such as CORE and its Donate Life campaign. But once you understand the facts, take the next steps. Register, let your loved ones know you have registered, and become a hero.


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