Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Wood County Commissioners’ willingness to support the “Reimagine Appalachia” initiative by New Jobs Appalachia, which is looking to diversify our region’s energy economy. “If the current administration is making this a priority, then we have a number of years to argue for additional resources that frankly our region deserves for its many years of service to the nation,” said Jean Ambrose, a representative of the group. Kudos to commissioners for understanding it is important to look forward on this matter, rather than to the past.


UP: To new kiosks at Jefferson Elementary Center that will allow staff members to “pay it forward” by keeping healthy food and hygiene items readily available for those in need. Staff members working with behavioral disorders have been keeping the kiosks filled. “We know there is an important need we help fill while school is in session with our Pay it Forward program and wondered how we can continue to help with that need while we are out for the summer,” said teacher Jenna Plumly said.


UP: To the West Virginia state parks and forests launching the Ultimate Adventurer and Junior Adventurer Challenges, to help outdoor enthusiasts and families with kids have even more fun outdoors in the Mountain State. “It’s incredible to see so many people heading to the outdoors in Almost Heaven and now we’re looking forward to witnessing the excitement of both outdoor enthusiasts and kids who complete these new challenges.”


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