Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the return of regular concerts such as the Artsbridge Summer Music Series — one of several that give local residents a chance to enjoy an evening of fun and music in an outdoor setting. It is just one of the perks of living in a place like the Mid-Ohio Valley, and we hope residents will get out to enjoy these performances in droves.

UP: To Franklin Elementary Center students who used a Hat Day to raise $440.40 to be donated toward the cost of veterinary medical costs and armor plates for the vests worn by the Wood County Sheriff’s Office K-9s. Deputy Taylor Phillips and his partner Drago visited the school. “We raise money for them so they can pay for their vet bills and plates for their vest,” said fourth grader Hunter Highley. “It’s nice to do it.” Indeed it is. Thank you, students, for getting it done.

UP: To the end of a bizarre school year, and a chance — we hope — for families to unwind for a month or two. Thumbs up to students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents and families who pulled together to do the best they could in most unusual circumstances. Perhaps next year will bring the opportunity to use what we have learned to hold on to the good ideas and move on from some difficult stuff. In the meantime, enjoy the summer!


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