Take Back: Take advantage of prescription drug disposal

Across the country, law enforcement officers are participating Saturday in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Drug Take Back Day.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. collection sites throughout our communities will be available for those who want to properly dispose of unused, expired or unwanted prescription drugs. It is a good excuse to clear out your medicine cabinets while taking a step toward doing the right thing for a variety of reasons. Among other concerns, law enforcement wants to help people avoid become unwitting enablers of the abuse of prescription medications and paraphernalia; and to keep curious kids safe.

“They’re allowed to bring anything. As far as insulin needles, we will have a container for that,” said Washington County Deputy Sheriff Duane Painter. “Any type of prescriptions — they can’t do any liquids at this point. It’s only pill form, type of needles or medication patches.”

In addition to stressing the need to continue to observe COVID-19 protocols during the event, Painter said there will be no questions asked if someone stops by. “We get rid of it for you,” he said.

Take advantage of the event, folks. Make it part of your spring cleaning. You’ll feel better about safely and properly disposing of the prescription drugs, and you will greatly reduce the risk of unintentionally serving as a source of harm to others.


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