Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

DOWN: To West Virginia lawmakers who appear to have lost their minds in Charleston this year, focusing on backward-looking and unnecessary legislation that conveys an appallingly narrow-minded and exclusionary message about what West Virginians represent. Mountaineers are always free, remember? Have we forgotten why we became a state in the first place? Have we forgotten how we built this state by welcoming all colors, creeds and nationalities, and telling them once they hit these country roads, they were home? Shame on those of you who are pretending you are interested in preserving heritage rather than hate. You know better. Well, some of you do, anyway. It is time for those of you who understand this movement is wrong — flatly wrong — to stand up and say you will not tolerate it any longer. We see you. We see what you are allowing. Shut it down. Do what you all said you were going to do when the session started and start making West Virginia the kind of place that provides the quality of life residents deserve, and that will attract and retain more Mountaineers, rather than isolating us into a bitter oblivion. This isn’t the way. And, again, deep down, you know it.

UP: To the Wood County Technical Center receiving a grant that will allow it to start a new VEX robotics team. The addition of yet another robotics team should spur the West Virginia Secondary Schools Athletic Commission to consider making robotics a sanctioned sport. The Mountain State has more than 60 teams, on which students are expanding their skills in fields that could fuel careers. Give them a chance to engage in sanctioned competition to improve those skills.


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