Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Madison Elementary School students who completed the online assignments they were given at the start of the school year; and to the school’s staff, for rewarding those kids with the chance to silly string teachers during a fun outdoor event last week. The kids got to take a break outside and “get back at us for having to make them work so hard at home,” said principal Valissa Porter. She pointed out the event was also the first time this year the whole school had been out doing an activity together. That is a good news, indeed.

UP: To this year’s winners in the annual Wood Whispers students literary magazine. Several students won in categories such as cover design, signature poem, middle school poetry, high school poetry, middle school essay, high school essay, middle school short story, high school short story, middle school art, high school art, middle school digital art, high school digital art, middle school photography and high school photography. It is encouraging to see so many young people whose creative talents are flourishing even in a year like this one.

UP: To Wood County Schools students who used Hat Days to raise money for Wood County Society as part of Developmental Disability Awareness Month. Students donated a dollar to show off their crazy hats. The event was a prelude to the Wood County Society Telethon, which will be held March 28.


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