Winter Slam: Thank crews who repair storm damage

How do most of us react to news of impending bad winter weather? We stock up on groceries and hunker down. For many who have spent the last several months working or learning remotely, anyway, being snowed in does not mean much of a change, after all.

But what about the folks who learn there is a snow and ice storm on its way and kick into high gear? Mid-Ohio Valley residents who have for the most part been able to ignore this week’s winter slam have been able to do so because a small group did not.

With roads so dangerous a new shipment of salt could not make its way to Parkersburg on schedule, Parkersburg City, West Virginia Division of Highways and other local government crews were hard at it with plows and salt trucks. First responders had their hands full with those who found driving more of a challenge than they’d anticipated — on top of the rest of their duties, which never stop.

Power company crews dispatched to repair downed lines, as did cable and internet company crews. A little south of here, some water customers were also dealing with service outages and low pressure as a result of the storm. That company told its customers “crews and contractors are working to access facilities that need repairs and are deploying generators for continuity of water service.”

These men and women can’t just stay home and play it safe when the weather demands they be on call. They keep the roads safe and the lights on for the rest of us. Thank you, folks.


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