Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley, which has dedicated three homes over the past several days. It is difficult to overestimate the good done by an organization that helps people build and purchase their own homes, without simply giving a handout. Homebuyers are required to work alongside volunteers in the construction of their homes, take homeowner education classes, and pay a manageable mortgage payment, though there is no interest on the loan. Those who have roofs over their heads because of the program describe it as a wonderful experience for which they are grateful. We are grateful, too, that Habitat for Humanity continues its mission right here in the MOV.

UP: To those who found out last week they will be serving as elected representatives of the people for the first time. Congratulations, folks. You now have an awesome responsibility. May you make your decisions based on what you truly believe is best for the people you serve — and always remember that you do, indeed, serve them, not the other way around; be honest stewards of taxpayers’ money; and propel us all FORWARD. Now get out there, forget which letter is after your last name, and do the jobs you wanted … for us.


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