Progress: Homeless program deserves to continue

In discussing the city’s program to reconnect homeless individuals with their families, Parkersburg Mayor Tom Joyce said it “hasn’t put a dent” in the crimes linked to some homeless individuals in our area.

One thing is certain, though, it has made an enormous difference for 25 people who, with the help of Community Resources Inc. and Westbrook Health Services, have been “safely returned to their families” over the past year or so.

Joyce is right, then, that while the impact of the program on petty crimes in our community has been negligible, “Those numbers show that it is working.”

With $10,000 allocated for the pilot program in October of last year — and only a fraction of that needing to be spent — it is a small price to pay for knowing the partnership is making it possible to do good for those who have found themselves stranded here and unable to reconnect with their best sources of support, their families.

Joyce is correct, then, that the city should continue the program. It is a small way to do a lot of good, and we already know it makes a difference where it counts — giving struggling people help and hope.


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