Warner: Secretary of State’s work should continue

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner has many responsibilities. Among them is serving as our state’s chief elections officer, a role in which he has moved the Mountain State into an unusual position. We are leaders — top of the list, not bottom — in that field, because of Warner’s efforts.

A U.S. Army veteran for whom service and duty are of the utmost importance, Warner has served since just 2016, though his presence on the state and national scene may have voters feeling as though he has been working for us much longer.

He understands making elections more secure AND more accessible is not only possible, but can be done in a way that encourages every eligible voter to register and be part of our election process. He knows it is better for West Virginia if more people are casting their ballots, and feel comfortable those ballots will be counted honestly and not be subject to fraud. That means voter rolls are being cleaned up, security measures are being implemented and at the same time every means possible of casting a ballot is being used by West Virginians who may be uneasy in this very unusual year at the polls.

Working with elections officials across the state, Warner has cleaned up voter rolls that went unchecked for years. Convicted criminals, dead people, those who had more than one name, those who had moved, or those who had simply registered improperly were all cleared from the rolls.

After cleaning up that mess — nearly 200,000 names removed because they should never have been left on the rolls in the first place — Warner’s voter registration programs have been so successful that there are actually more than 7,600 MORE voters on the roles than when he started his work.

While voting may be at the top of many minds this year, it is important to remember Warner has also made sure his office is there for businesses large and small in West Virginia. He has worked to make resources as easily available to them as possible. In a year such as this one, that kind of support has meant a lot.

Warner has been an honest, innovative, hard worker for Mountain State residents. We endorse Warner for re-election as West Virginia secretary of state, so that he can continue to move the office — and the state — forward.


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