Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the opening of a new Veterans Assistance office for the Department of Veterans Affairs, at St. Joseph’s Landing in Parkersburg. “We’re very excited,” said Dennis Davis, cabinet secretary for the DVA. “This office we feel will provide a lot of good services to our veterans here and will be more accommodating.” We hope it will. Those who were willing to give up everything deserve for our government to be doing as much as it can, for them.


UP: To a free dental services program for students that is the result of a partnership between Wood County Schools and the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. The Oral Disease Prevention Program may be the only way some of these students are able to take care of this vital aspect of their health. “We are very proud of this school-based health service,” said Julie Bertram, Wood County Schools Coordinator of Health Services. Indeed, they should be.


UP: To next steps being taken in bringing broadband internet access to the most rural parts of our state. With five companies approved for a federal program to bring high-speed broadband to rural West Virginia, and our legislature pledging $50 million per year for the next three years to broadband expansion, we might finally be well on our way toward getting this thing done.


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