Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the Ritchie Regional Health Center’s reminder last week that help is available for those struggling to cope with anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders or other mental illnesses — and that for those who qualify services are available on a sliding scale. Month after month of pandemic, isolation, financial uncertainty, political and social strife and near constant stress of one degree or another can take its toll on ANYBODY. Seeking out help in facing those challenges is an important step.

UP: To news that the U.S. Census 2020 count can continue through October. Given this unusual year, it is essential census workers have all the time they can get to make an accurate headcount of U.S. residents. Now, folks, it is up to anyone who has not answered the questionnaire to be sure they do so. Getting the federal funding to which our region is entitled depends on it.

UP: To Parkersburg High School, the Wood County Technical Center and the state Department of Education for working together to bring to fruition a two-year drone program for students. While parents of teenagers may cringe just a little upon learning the students “want to exceed the limits of the drones,” the students are learning a great deal about programming, robotics, and of course responsibility. Bravo to those who made such an exciting program come together.


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