Voting: Register to vote and make your voice heard

Local and state officials have pulled out all the stops to ensure COVID-19 does not prevent West Virginians from voting in the Nov. 3 election. In addition to normal in-person options to cast ballots, absentee voting by mail is available.

But, if you are not a registered voter, you will not be able to cast a ballot. All the accommodations in the world will make no difference if you have not taken that step.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner’s office is making it easy to take care of that. In addition to registering to vote in person at your county courthouse, you can do so online.

Just go to https://ovr.sos.wv.gov/Register/Landing and follow the instructions. You can also check there on whether you are registered to vote.

No matter your political leanings, the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has thrown a sense of urgency into the choice for president that may motivate many who had, until that point, been relatively apathetic about Nov. 3. But, again, if you are not registered, your sense of urgency does not matter.

Don’t delay. The deadline to register is Oct. 13. After that, you will have no options for lending your voice to the decision that will be made.


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