Safety: Parents must review rules with kids

This morning, as many Mid-Ohio Valley parents are sending their children off to in-person classes again for the first time since March, they must have one very important conversation: Do not share or trade masks. Do not share or trade food … or anything else, for that matter. Do not run up to your best friend and hug or whisper in his or her ear …

Reading some of the official guidance on how children are meant to behave to keep themselves and others safe during a pandemic does lend support to the idea that whoever came up with it has never met an actual child.

So how do we make them take the guidance seriously? How do we talk to a child who might very recently have needed to be told “Don’t lick the table” about not switching their Star Wars mask with their friend’s very cool Captain America mask?

Teachers will have a lot to do with it, as they always manage to pull off what seem like miracles to a lot of parents.

But parents MUST talk with their kids about it, too. The trick is to convey the seriousness of the situation without scaring children. Each child is going to be able to process and be comfortable with a different level of detail.

Good luck today, folks.


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