Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

DOWN: To delays (across the country, not just here in West Virginia) in COVID-19 test results that have become so long, they span beyond the normal quarantine period for those who KNOW they have the virus. This is not just “something we have to deal with,” as Dr. Ayne Amjad put it; this is a public health emergency. Every resource available should be poured into fixing it.

UP: To Belpre’s use of Washington County Engineer Roger Wright to help address a landslip along Drag Strip Road. With Wright’s help, test pilings were done this week that helped determine the solution might not be as expensive as the city had originally thought. And, of course, Belpre did not have to pay for an outside engineer’s expertise. “That, in all honesty, could save us a half-million dollars,” said Mayor Mike Lorentz. And, “Our county engineer’s really coming up to bat for us.” Well done, folks.

UP: To the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation’s effort to help our local arts organizations during this bizarre and challenging economic time. A total of $16,000 in operating support grants went to the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra — Parkersburg, the Smoot Theatre, Artsbridge, the Parkersburg Art Center and the Actors Guild. It is good to know our community continues to find ways to support these vital organizations.


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