Fight Back: Use anonymous tip line to report drug activity

It is easy forget, as we continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic and the economic struggle that comes with it, that West Virginia still faces attack from many fronts. Among our greatest enemies remains the substance abuse epidemic, which has certainly not weakened with the presence of COVID-19.

Those working to stop that plague are still on the job, and in fact finding new ways to fight.

“Every division of Homeland Security is being used to fight countless threats to West Virginia, from the pandemic to illegal drug trafficking,” said WV Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeff Sandy.

To that end, the department has set up a statewide toll-free drug tip line, on which residents can report what they suspect is illegal drug activity.

West Virginia Drug Tip Line is available around the clock, seven days a week at 833-905-DRUG (3784), and calls are handled by the WV Fusion Center’s new Narcotics Intelligence Unit. Tips can also be submitted online at: appengine.egov.com/apps/wv/fusioncenter/drugtip.

We don’t have up-to-date numbers (and, to be fair, the number crunchers at the Department of Health and Human Resources have been pretty busy lately), but a little less than a year ago, the DHHR announced figures from 2018, which showed there were nearly 900 confirmed drug overdose deaths in West Virginia that year.

Someone supplied the drugs that took those lives — and have been taking hundreds of lives over the past two years. Any new weapon in the arsenal as we try to stop those who peddle this poison is welcome. But that weapon must be used in order to be effective.

Please, folks, if you see something, or know something that would help law enforcement put a stop to the substance abuse epidemic, take advantage of the anonymity provided by this new tip line. Your help WILL make a difference.


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