Challenges: Wood County BOE should not let delay be exploited

“We’re pushing the envelope,” said Wood County Schools Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling, in discussing the “COVID delay” that has struck construction suppliers as they deliver what is needed to complete several district projects.

While all schools are still expected to open on time, there will be some adjustments necessary.

For example, the space is not ready for sixth-graders moving to Williamstown Middle/High School, and so a lot of the equipment and furniture that was supposed to move with them is still in the cafeteria.

Fling says he expected Principal Jason Ward will adapt because “that’s what Jason does. He meets the challenge and makes it work.”

If there was ever a school year during which students, teachers, staff and administrators do not need to meet any more challenges …

But they will. Of course they will.

Meanwhile, however, board members must be alert for the use of this “COVID delay” as an excuse for extra time and money on the part of the contractors. Given the circumstances, it would be an easy excuse to abuse, particularly as everyone’s minds are so focused on keeping kids safe and helping them learn and grow in this very different atmosphere.

Surely all contractors and suppliers will work as quickly — and efficiently — as they can to finish the job they have been hired to do. If they do not, board members must consider a swift penalty for making a tough time even tougher.


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