Vaccinations: When schools reopen, children must be ready

No one can say precisely what schools, public and private, will be like when they open for the fall semester. For that matter, predicting when individual school systems will reopen is still a bit of a guessing game.

But we do know some things will be the same as at the beginning of any new academic year. Among them are requirements for student health care.

Some school districts are attempting to remind parents of requirements for vaccinations and health care examinations. They vary from school to school.

Virtually all schools require that children be up to date on certain vaccinations, such as those for measles. Some require physical examinations conducted by health care professionals, especially for children planning to engage in extracurricular activities. A few even mandate dental health checks.

But, this has not been an easy time to ensure that children can check all the health care boxes when they return to school. Many health care providers were closed entirely for several weeks. Some were not accepting people for so-called “elective” appointments.

But this year it is more important than ever that your child be in compliance with school health care rules.

If you are uncertain what they are, contact your school district office. Then make an appointment or two to ensure that when schools do reopen, your children will be ready.


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